Other Courses

Other Courses

We run a few other courses which you can receive a certificate for.  These are not HWSETA approved unless stated in that specific course.  They are all aimed at furthering your skills in the medical field and are a very good addition to your First Aid Courses.  All courses are a minimum of 6 candidates.

Bites and Stingssnakebite

There are a number of things which are very important when treating a snake bite.  The identification of the snake will definitely be an asset, however the management is the most important, and you are taught by an expert in the field to do so correctly.  It is however not limited to Snakes, but also covers scorpions, spiders and various other bites.   This is an asset for any outdoors enthusiast as well as parents and individuals living in the cities and rural areas.  You are issued a certificate on completion of this course. At least a level one First Aid Certificate is advisable but not compulsory.  This course is open to anyone above the age of 16 years.




THE EMERGENCY CARE AND SAFETY INSTITUTE OF AMERICA:   PEDFACTSPaedfacts                                                                            

Child first aid 8 hour (1 day) program Caregivers and teachers need to know what to do when a child is injured or becomes suddenly and severely ill. Most injuries that require first aid are not life-threatening. Usually; first aid involves simple, common sense procedures. However first aid can sometimes mean the difference between life and death. All caregivers and teachers should have paediatric first aid training. The PedFACTs courses is designed to give caregivers and teachers the education and confidence that they need to effectively care for a sick or injured child and is an 8 hour program.  An ECSIA certificate is issued on completion of  this course.  (Min-6 Delegates)

Maternity Ward Dad with Twins from AnimateIt.net


The AHA Family and Friends CPR is a four hour program and is ideal for family members and friends who what to enhance their life skills. The program includes choking, CPR and AED usage and the course is based on international best practice.   An AHA Certificate is given on completion of the course.

(Min-6 Delegates) 




Mini-Medic (9-12 years Old)mini medics

This course is for the child who is too young to do the Level One First Aid course, yet is very interested in helping others. This course will cover the Principles and Objectives of First Aid, Age appropriate anatomy and physiology, Awareness of own limitations, How to call for assistance, Safety, Basics of wound care, Control of bleeding, Emergency care of burns, “Hands only CPR”, Choking and Water safety.